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Twig Kids are fully jointed, organic dolls that are made of 100% cotton and recycled materials. They are made for both adults and kids and are durable enough to withstand the excitement of young imaginations!



 Your support contributes to the Twig Kids global tree planting mission. Twig Kids are handmade dolls for your soul. Rag dolls for  a cause. doll websites that are popular.

Twig Kids are handmade dolls that will make you smile. Twig

Kids are hand crafted dolls that allows you to pose them

in various positions. These hand made dolls are popular

dolls for kids because of their unique character. Handmade

dolls make wonderful gifts because they are made with

love. Each handmade doll, Twig kids are uniquely different from ​all of the rest. Each Twig Kid has it's

own unique, individual characteristic. American made dolls.




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